Procreate animation: Bouncing ball | iPad Pro 2021

I’ve been doing a few more shorts (1-minute videos) lately and it’s been a fun format. I believe in a couple things but don’t apply them enough:

  • Making short daily content: I’m a big fan of the whole idea of consistency over intensity. I learned that initially from kettlebell training. But it’s been helpful to have as a mindset for side projects. Daily content is nice because it doesn’t linger outside of that time block where you’re making it. And it’s the type of content to practice building systems with. Still, I haven’t done enough of this and will try to switch that up in the future.
  • Sharing sawdust: This is sharing parts of your process or just other artifacts that are created when creating some final output. The example that always comes to mind for me is all the extra that came on the Extended DVDs for The Lord of the Rings. The extended films were sort of sawdust sprinkled back on. In any case, I understand that this stuff is worth sharing but I tend to overthink it. I start thinking I need to narrate over a sketching timelapse. Then I need to tell some story where the VIEWER is the hero blah blah blah.

It’s okay if the sawdust is just a short pouch for the viewer to pick up for a few moments of entertainment or, at best, inspiration.