05: The Obstacle is the Way

This week’s book: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. We tried following a lot of the advice in the book and it continues to be helpful.

(On the other hand, we didn’t follow some of his other advice: Please, Please, For The Love Of God: Do Not Start a Podcast)


00:00 — Wally goes to Disneyland, Ces doesn’t renew: We start this off with the usual weekly updates. Wally talks about his trip to Disneyland. Ces gives an update on fitness and nutrition.

04:40 — Listener questions! How do you keep things balanced?
Wally grabbed a question from an offline conversation during the week and we run it as a listener question. We set up an email address for actual listener questions.

10:50 — Book intro: The Obstacle is the Way (TOITW)
We start talking about The Obstacle is the Way, which we’ve both found really useful in our lives during hard times. We try talking about when we specifically apply these things in the past

21:53 — TOITW: Will and Vegeta
Ces goes long on a bad Dragon Ball Z analogy.

28:50 — TOITW: Terrell Owens’s 3 Ds
Wally takes a concept from an NFL receiver and changes what the letters stand for to create the premise of our future ebook littered with newsletter links.

38:54 — Wally offers Ces a donut
One episode ago, Ces talked about having non-coffee dessert Frappuccino. He continues giving unsolicited nutrition advice.

47:56 — Quote vs. Quote — Wally claps BACK
Wally closes the show with a great quote from the book. Ces rambles.

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