27: The Magic Window

Entirely based on this Rotten Tomatoes interview with Steven Yeun. He talks about The Sandlot being one of his five favorite films because he watched it in that window where you’re aged 10-12. 

I had the privilege of listening to a Frank Darabont conversation earlier on during The Walking Dead, and he kept on talking about this “magic window” — I think it’s from maybe ages 10 to 12 — when you watch a movie, and it moves you. It just becomes one of the greatest things in your life for the rest of your life. The Sandlot was that for me.

Everything is awesome. You don’t even know what criticism is.

On this episode, me and Wally talk about our favorite things from that age: (1) Movies, (2) video games, (3) lunch food, and (4) books.

This could be a good ongoing podcast if, well, if we were better podcasters and did the whole interview thing and were able to get like actually Steven Yeun on. Or even like his distant cousin if possible would be good.

Actually, here’s a good podcast you should check out: “Your Last Meal” with Rachel Belle. She has different guests—examples: Paula Deen (baked potato), Neil deGrasse Tyson (lobster), Prodigy (Korean BBQ)—talking about their last meal. Then there’s a dive into the history of that food. It’s a great podcast based around one question. (And go listen to House of Carbs if you enjoy food, particularly if you enjoy eating lots of it.)

Wally and I are trying to find our way. We’ll be trying different things but thanks for coming along for the ride!